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Peer To Peer Lending Decoded!

You have received a salary bonus.  Voila!  Now, you have some spare money in your hands.  You don’t want to lash it out on gadgets and parties.  All gadgets do the same thing – they eat your precious time!  All parties give you the same thing – A hangover next morning!

Let’s plan something wisely.  What about investing?  The other day, your friend has talked big about mutual funds.  Good idea.  But wait.  “Net Asset Value (NAV) of the units of the scheme will be computed by dividing the net assets of the Scheme”.  What on earth does it mean? Going through the jargon, either you fall asleep or are frightened.  You want to go with something simple and easy to decipher.  Also, that impatient enthusiastic person in you cannot wait for months and years to reap benefits.  You want to taste the fruits fast.  Now, with some money in your hands, how can you take an avatar of investors and start earning good returns from the very beginning?

Not able to connect yourself with the paragraph above? Is it not you?

Okay! You haven’t got a bonus.  You don’t have that spare money in your hands.  In fact, you are going through financial crises.  You need some money urgently.  Right, this moment you are worried about how to arrange that sum.  So, you are on the other side of the game.

For both of you – the one who got the bonus and the one who needs some money urgently, online lending platforms come as a handy option.

a) To invest your hard-earned money on reliable borrowers and start earning extra income from day one.

b) To borrow money and get cash loans instantly by following simple procedures when compared to banks and other conventional financial institutions.

People and industry coined an apt name for it – peer to peer lending.

Of course, spending a good amount of time with Google on a daily basis, you know what it is, but there is nothing wrong with starting from basics.

Now, what is it?

First of all, it’s simpler than you think!  It’s really simple, fast, convenient and reliable.

As you know, borrowing and lending are as ancient as mankind.  It’s just that with the latest technologies, the process has been made hassle-free and fast.  People who need the money and people who lend money come under one roof, connect, lend, borrow and benefit from each other.  Online lending platforms provide lenders and borrowers with a platform backed by the latest technology, bridge the gap and connect people from both sides.

The entire process takes place through mobile apps / online platforms/websites and users get updates in real-time.  No need for frequent visits, waiting for days, frequent phone calls to know the status of loans and approvals.

For a busy and ambitious country like ours, peer to peer lending websites are a convenient option for borrowing and investing money at your convenient time and place without visiting banks and financial institutions frequently.

For that ambitious investor in you,

1. Peer to peer lending websites is super convenient!  No need to follow so many tiresome irritating procedures.  Manage all your investment-related activities through mobile app/lending platform.  Apart from all the other advantages, you can save a great deal of time and effort.

2. Choose your borrower.  LenDenClub, the largest peer to peer lending platform, empowers you to analyze in detail the profiles of borrowers and choose wisely.

3. Choose the figure!  No fixed figures for investment.  From a range of flexible options, you can cherry-pick one that suits you.  At LenDenClub, the largest peer to peer investing site in India, you can start from as low as Rs. 500!

4. Earn more!  Get higher interest rates when compared to traditional investment options.

5 Keep things under control!  Keep track of paybacks and due dates.  To put it in one word, investment management at your fingertips.

For that borrower in you who needs money,

1. Peer to peer lending websites is a convenient option when you need money instantly.

2. Swift approvals!  You don’t have to go through nail-biting moments wondering whether your loan will be approved or not.  Get instant updates, follow easy, hassle-free process and get approvals swiftly.

3. Quick cash disbursements and convenient payback options!  For example, if you are using InstaMoney, LenDenClub’s money lending app, you can get cash loans instantly and the loan amount will be deposited in your bank account in just 2 hours!

4. Avail cash loans 24 x 7.  Gone are the days when people would form queues in front of counters at banks and discuss and debate cricket, cinema, and politics until their turn comes.  Now, through peer to peer lending sites, you can avail loans instantly round the clock.  No need for frequent visits and waiting for days and weeks.

5. Get cash loans at any time to fulfill any purpose, and yes, you don’t get stuck.  You don’t have to postpone things.  You don’t have to postpone life!

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