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Instant Loan for Salaried individuals in just 4 Easy Steps


A fixed monthly income may not be sufficient enough to handle all your dreams and responsibilities, or an emergency situation. At such times, you require a helping hand. That helping hand maybe your family, friends or colleagues but not always does it work for asking credit from them. In such situations, a P2P online platform will come to your rescue. With InstaMoney, you can apply for a quick personal loan for salaried individuals, if you have a minimum monthly salary of ₹ 12,000. Quick online approvals and minimal documentation make it easier to get an instant personal loan for salaried individuals. InstaMoney also provides a direct transfer to your bank account giving you the liberty of using your loan amount as you wish to. –

Just FOUR easy & simple steps to get an instant cash loan – 

1. Create an Account 

It’s faster than you can imagine. The very first step is you just need to signup with your Facebook, Google Account or Mobile number. 

2. Check Eligibility

The second being the eligibility check which is extremely simple and easy to get through, unlike what other traditional platforms follow. So just fill in some basic details to check eligibility and get results instantly. Below is the eligibility required – 

3. Complete Application

Post the eligibility check, complete the KYC and upload the necessary documents such as PAN and bank statement. Within 10 minutes of your personal loan application, you’ll be notified of your approval status. Sometimes, it is real-time as well.

4. Get Cash

Once your personal loan is approved, the loan amount gets transferred to your bank account. Loan disbursement time varies between 10 minutes to 2 hours. 

InstaMoney has over 1 million users in India. And, over ₹ 1 Billion (₹ 100 Crores) disbursed in loan amounts already disbursed. It is also the largest number of personal loans given by any P2P lending platform in India. Now, by easily downloading an InstaMoney application get instant cash loans for various purposes.

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