Do You Know Why You Should Become A Channel Partner With LenDenClub?

Sep 12, 2020

LenDenClub is one of the leading peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platforms in India, registered with RBI. The main idea of P2P lending is that it allows individuals to directly borrow from other individuals or institutions, removing traditional financial institutions as an intermediary. 

Amongst investors, P2P lending is now widely accepted as an important asset class that offers investors an ideal opportunity to diversify and increase their investment portfolio’s risk-adjusted returns. At LenDenClub we offer investors an opportunity to diversify their overall investment portfolio in this new growing asset class and protect it from market fluctuations.

Maximum Diversification – An ultimate success mantra in P2P lending 

We all know, diversification of investment portfolio is very important to mitigate the overall investment risk. Similarly, in P2P lending spreading investments across various borrower profiles ensures proper portfolio and risk management.

Take this instance  –
An investment amount of Rs. 50 lakhs divided into 100 borrowers (Rs. 50,000 each) could be majorly affected by even one default. Whereas, if a similar amount is divided between 2500 borrowers (Rs.2,000 each), a couple of defaults will not affect the collective returns of your portfolio in a big way.

Benefits of becoming a Channel Partner

Partnering with LenDenClub as a Channel Partner allows you to offer P2P lending as an alternative asset class to your customers. Also, if you are tired of the cumbersome login process, lengthy TAT or strict eligibility norms of financial institutions then this is the right place for you.

Perks To Your Customers 

High Returns
Better returns on investment make the P2P lending a sought-after investment option for fixed income investors. Across the world, it is used as a diversification tool by HNI’s and institutions. 

Monthly Cash Flows
P2P lending is the only high return instrument to fetch monthly cash flows with interest payments. Unlike other traditional investing instruments, cash flow is not tied to maturity and starts immediately after the investment.

No Volatility –
Traditional instruments such as equity, forex, commodity etc. have high volatility inherent to them, resulting in losses. P2P is unique in that way, which offers zero volatility with expected returns.

Diversification Is Key – 

Huge diversification of investment across borrower profiles helps to mitigate the overall risk and ensures high returns by building investors portfolio. Auto-Invest is an automated feature provided by LenDenClub which assists the investors’ investment defined by parameters pre-set by the investor. This assists the investors to build a diversified portfolio faster and more efficiently. 

Simple Lending Process – 

The process to invest money online in P2P lending is very simple and easy. The borrowers on our platform come from a large demographic pool, primarily consisting of salaried individuals. Every borrower goes through a 5 step LenDen screening mechanism where the borrower’s personal, professional, and financial information is scrutinised by our digital verification mechanism and physical verification checks. 

Transparency – 

We follow utmost transparency using a trusteeship mechanism to transfer money. The loan disbursement process and EMI repayments are done through a third party SEBI registered escrow agent.

LenDenClub is the solution!

Our services are 100% online with easy to use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) which helps you to approach, manage, and analyse your interactions with us. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is another convenience which allows gathering and organizing business data through an integrated software suite. Convenience is at your comfort with a dashboard for Management Information System (MIS) for better decision-making and for the coordination, control, analysis and visualization of information.

Nonetheless, LenDenClub provides you with one more class of asset investment for your customers. Choose us and park your customers’ investments. 

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