Why Working With LenDenClub Has Always Been A Proud Moment?

Jun 29, 2020

LenDenClub, we wouldn’t call it a workplace, it’s a fun place for each one working here. A fun place where all the Lendenties are respected they carry ownership of their responsibilities and there is transparency, continuous development that holds up higher than the rest.

Each Lendendite feels that they are being heard, they are part of the bigger picture and that motivates them. We have great people to work with, who challenges each other’s ideas and as a result, we come up better each day. 

“I Have enjoyed my time in Lendenclub. Be it from massive Learning opportunities to excellent camaraderie among the colleagues. Fun culture. We live by “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”  
–  Pratik Kharel (Team Finance)

Following cultures and values is what we believe in, which helps deliver best practices with integrity to our customers with a well-intended motive. Embracing diversity which equals thoughtfulness allows micro and macro-level perspectives with a sense of balance and compassion. Lendenite works with a sense of freedom for fulfilling a fun work experience that translates into tangible takeaways for life outside of work. The feedback shared by each one is considered by managers and necessary improvement actions are been taken. 

A place where your ideas are appreciated,  Your work is praised and when you going in the wrong direction there are mentors who guide you irrespective of which department you belong too. Here all the festivals are celebrated and achieving targets is the responsibility of each and every individual. Working with LDC has been amazing till now and looking forward to many more years. I am definitely a proud Lendenite! 
– Shivangi Agarwal (Team Customer Service)

We learn from our successes, our epic failures, and each other. Not only this, growing and learning from experimentation, and with the same spirit of exploration drives us ahead. We work hard, we play harder! Of course, we have fun and spend a great time together to understand each other well and develop a strong bond amongst us. 

Working under such admirable leadership, great company culture, values, colleagues with a fantastic working environment and witnessing tremendous growth & success always been a proud moment.
– Manoj Kumar (Team Investment)

Each Lendenite has such optimistic and encouraging reviews, which motivates the platform to flourish and extend, and LenDenClub is more robust with all the Lendenites together.

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