Why peer to peer lending platforms are a prudent choice for investors?

Mar 5, 2019

For starters, let’s understand what is a peer to peer investing.  It’s an innovative investment method by which an individual with investment capabilities lends money through an online platform / mobile app to another credible individual who needs money. The online platforms / mobile apps enable, coordinate and facilitate people to lend and borrow money swiftly.  The entire process takes place through the mobile app and a great deal of time and effort are saved.  Then, the borrowed sum with interest is paid back to the investor on an installment basis as agreed.  But, what’s so special about it?

To begin with, it’s hassle-free!  You don’t need to plow through reams of documents and strain your brain reading between lines! No need of squeezing your eyes to decipher what’s written in the fifth page of terms and conditions under the bullet point 23a.

Above all, you don’t have to wait for months and years to reap benefits.  By investing in peer to peer lending, you can start earning extra income from the very first month.

As an investor, you get back the money with higher interest rates when compared to traditional investment options like mutual funds and fixed deposits. No wonder, P2P lending for investors has already become a preferred choice for those who look for hassle-free investment options to earn returns quickly.  Moreover, you invest your money on verified responsible borrowers and not on any business or service and there is no volatility.

The above-mentioned points are tempting enough. Nevertheless, as a responsible peer to peer lending platform in the market, we would like to share with you some thoughts.

Here it goes! A good peer to peer lending platform should empower you to access the profiles of borrowers and choose wisely.  You invest your hard-earned money and you decide how much you lend to whom!  Interest rates might be enticing.  But, we shall bear in our minds that consistent support and service from the lending platform all through the process is as important as how much money you mint every month. When you invest in peer to peer lending websites, make sure you invest your money on reliable sources / verified borrowers.  Of course, you can invest that extra income again in peer to peer lending, give a boost to your investment and grow your money exponentially.

Furthermore, you can start your investment with a small sum in peer to peer lending platforms. At LenDenClub, India’s leading peer to peer lending platform, you can start from as low as Rs. 500. With a range of flexible investment options and higher interest rates, the platform has attracted and acquired thousands of investors – registered lenders – who have been earning ample returns every month.

For the aspiring Indians who have for all these years been just spectators in the investment field, this innovative investment option that promises quick returns has come as a boon. Now, everyone can invest.  Everyone should invest.  Happy investing!

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