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Sep 25, 2017

Who likes to take risk? Of course, no one! It’s difficult to even get away with it because of its presence in everything and almost everywhere. Especially, money. Think about loans. You need money to fulfill your dreams, but at times there’s a risk of having insufficient funds to repay it. Because, more the money, more the risk. But do you know what? You can definitely minimize the risk. How? With the new and on-going trend of Peer-to-Peer lending, where you can grow your idle money with better returns and also get funds.

You want to get your hands on everything and sometimes, all things fancy. Where your short-term financial goals, personal finance are waiting to be answered, there banks and bank loans are of no help to you. And that’s when, we enter in your life. We are a Peer-to-Peer lending company that helps you meet your goals in the easiest and the earliest way possible. Hello! We are LenDenClub. LenDenClub is perfectly placed to bring together lenders and verified borrowers.

P2P lending basically works like this: If you need to borrow money online, you come to our website and apply as a borrower for credit. Once approved, your loan is funded by an individual investor (or group of investors) who acts as the lender. Similarly, if you need to lend, you register with us as a lender.

Here’s your step by step guide to be a borrower

Step 1: Register as a borrower by providing basic information and fulfilling KYC requirements as per RBI guidelines

Step 2: A thorough verification and background check is run through online and offline sources

Step 3: View your loan getting funded by approved lenders without waiting for days, physical visits to our office and hectic paper works

Step 4: Loan amount will be credited directly to your registered bank account.

Here’s your step by step guide to be a lender

Step 1: Register as a lender by providing basic information and fulfilling KYC requirements as per RBI guidelines

Step 2: Start building a portfolio by investing in a wide range of loan requirements

Step 3: Convenient, automated, fixed monthly payments. The EMI amount is collected in Escrow Account through auto debit

Step 4: Reinvest returns for compound earnings or withdraw the funds as per your need.

In a way, we connect lenders looking for better ways to earn fixed returns over time to borrowers in need of instant personal loans. Unlike earlier when personal loans were available to only businessmen, P2P lending has made affordable credit available to salaried individuals as well. LenDenClub platform removes the hassle of visiting banks and NBFC’s and jumping through hoops for a minor chance of getting funded.

LenDenClub is one of the best platforms in India to avail short term loans online without the fine prints and maze-like structures of a bank. Our large pool of active investors ensure that your loan requirement is funded at the earliest.

From home renovation loan to medical emergency loan. From advance salary loan to rental deposit loan, we guarantee funding for all your short-term loan requirements.

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