Millennials Are Investing At A Huge Pace In Peer To Peer Lending

Sep 25, 2020

There is growing popularity of both investing and borrowing amongst millennials through Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending.
We have a good number of investors who are millennials investing on our platform. 

While some millennials might need the money and be the borrower, on the other hand, we have millennials who are investing in P2P lending. Millennials are approaching investing in an entirely different manner from parents and grandparents. While Baby Boomers only put away an average of 11% for investing, the BlackRock survey found that Millennials who can save put away as much as 18%. While Millennials can sometimes be wary about investing, the availability of applications is making it easier and more comfortable for them to learn and experience. 

Embracing Innovation And Tech-Savvy 

In a digital world, they are the first to be born, and hence technology has always been a part of their everyday lives – it’s been that they check their phones as many as 150 times daily. Millennials are taking benefit of a variety of high-tech and social media tools that allow them to plow their wealth into the investments of their choice. They are now leveraging social networking platforms, websites, and mobile apps to do everything. 

Back in the old days, putting your life savings in the bank was prized with decent interest rates but over time it has reduced. These days, the bank might be a safe place to store your cash, but it’s not necessarily the smartest place to put it. Millennials need quick returns after investing but stocks these days are too risky and highly volatile. And not getting involved in risk is beneficial is what they think. 

Have you heard about Peer-to-peer lending as the best place for your investment? 

P2P being a completely digital-based platform, it is highly convenient for millennials to access. They can broaden their portfolio with easy investments and earn high returns. LenDenClub, has had a consistent portfolio of 10 to 12% p.a.* since 2017. These investments help you mitigate your risk, diversify your portfolio, and maximize your returns by investing across multiple borrowers on the platform. Also, P2P is the only high-return instrument to fetch returns that beat inflation and are devoid of market volatility. 

So why don’t you invest in LenDenClub and get double-digit returns on your invested amount?

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