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LenDenClub: The Best Peer to Peer Lending App Grew Almost Three Times in 2021

LenDenClub: The Best Peer to Peer Lending App Grew Almost Three Times in 2021

Investors always keep looking for opportunities that provide and high returns on their investments with a lower risk. While various investment options on the market provide higher returns, most of them carry a very high risk. As a result, many investors have started exploring other options like P2P lending.

LenDenClub is the fastest-growing peer-to-peer lending App in India. In the year 2021 itself, LenDenClub grew its disbursals by almost three times. Eyeing a five times growth in the next 18 months, LenDenClub has become the largest P2P investment App in India. But, what is the buzz all about, and how can you invest using LenDenClub? This blog answers all your questions regarding P2P lending.


  1. What is a P2P Lending App?

P2P platforms have revolutionised crowdlending by creating a marketplace for peer-to-peer lending. LenDenClub provides access to investors across platforms, including a website and a mobile app. While P2P lending is an alternative investment opportunity for investors to earn higher interest by directly lending their funds, LenDenClub provides one of the best apps to invest money. You can access the LenDenClub App on both Android and iOS.

As an investor, you must be worried about the safety of your investment. You must also be wondering, ‘Is P2P lending risk-free?’ All investments carry a degree of risk. Direct lending is a form of investment that carries moderate to higher risk. But with LenDenClub, you can expect lower default rates than any other P2P platform. In the Second Quarter of FY-22, LenDenClub achieved a default rate as low as 3.98%.


  1. About LenDenClub

LenDenClub is a marketplace for structured peer-to-peer lending. The ease of access, coupled with the credibility of LenDenClub, attracts many investors across the country. Here are some of the facts you must know about LenDenclub that make it the best peer-to-peer lending app:


  1. The Process of Lending via LenDenClub

Here are 4 easy steps using which you can start lending via the LenDenClub P2P-investment app.


3.1 Register on the App

You can register on LenDenClub using their website or the mobile app. For registering, you need to fill in the following details:


3.3 Add Money

LenDenClub supports multiple payment options that allow UPI and bank transfers. You can add money to your account within a few seconds using your UPI ID or through your bank account.


3.4 Start Investing

Once you have set up your account after approval from LenDenClub, you can start investing through the P2P platform. On your dashboard, you can see the investment prospects, the amount required, the tenure of the loan, etc. Further, you can monitor your investments through various reports generated by the platform.


  1. LenDenClub App Features

Here are the features of the LenDenClub App that make it the best P2P investment app in India:

All of the above advantages make LenDenClub the best peer-to-peer lending app in India. You can easily register and use the app for lending and investing your money to earn higher returns. Download the App on Playstore or the App Store and start investing now!

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