Internship At LenDenClub Can Shape Your Future Through Experiential Learning

Aug 21, 2020

“You need to experience to get experienced.” Every graduate student must have heard this phrase especially when they are kick-starting their career. An internship gives you first-hand exposure and experience of working in the real world. Implementing and applying knowledge while harnessing the skills trains the young professionals about the working mechanism of a specific industry they are interested in. It provides a niche learning curve and proper training to understand the real world. Also, a convenient way to discover your interest and choose the correct career path.

The LenDenClub Experience 

We thought – Why not make the appropriate out of the pandemic and grab the candidates looking for an opportunity to paint the first picture on their blank career canvas.

“Practice – Learning – Experience – Success” is what we believe is essential to follow during an internship. If the candidates rightly followed as preached by the mentors, it provides great experiential learning opportunities where they get a chance to apply the theoretical concepts in a practical manner.

At LenDenClub, we treat interns nonetheless. Each of the candidates is allowed to work on a diverse set of ideas and recommendations which helps them to take the lead on assigned projects. Understanding the P2P model, getting hands-on experience and practical knowledge in their areas of interest. 

Never Stop Learning

Coming into an internship – particularly one at a startup where roles are so fluid and cross-functional – helps learn more and explore new opportunities. School definitely helps train you to do things well, but the reality is that it won’t prepare you for your role as you would prefer.

Preparation is key, but recognize that you will likely have to pick a lot of things up on the job regardless of your previous knowledge or experiences. Learn to be comfortable with un ty, but not content with it. 

Culture Is Key

One of the more such things the interns much appreciated is the culture LenDenClub follows. All of our colleagues are incredibly helpful and easy to talk to; genuinely happy to work and spend time with each other. A saying we would often bring up, sometimes casually, is “one team, one dream”; however, it’s actually quite an accurate descriptor of the feeling around the office. Despite working from home these days, the company has been able to balance professionalism with familiarity to become both high-achieving and closely-knit. Like a family, we have fun, grind and celebrate.

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