How to customise Auto-Invest applicable in your Investment Plan?

May 13, 2020

At LenDenClub, we have a fully-automated investment tool “Auto-Invest” that corresponds to investors’ investment objectives with borrowers’ requirements. It’s a hands-off way to automate investments without logging into the LenDenClub platform every time you wish to invest. It works based on the criteria chosen by the investor to attain the preferred portfolio.

After going through investors’ feedback, we worked on a feature that was highly asked for. Investors can now select the investment plan, upgrade and customize it accordingly. Customisation is available for Auto-Invest along with Silver and Gold plan holders.

Auto invest is here to make the process more convenient and achieve the desired portfolio results. Many times, when investors are offline they lose an opportunity to invest in potential borrowers. Auto-Invest works 24X7 to ensure that your money works for you. It never lets you miss out on any potential borrowers. Over a period of time, this feature has gone through multiple amendments based on the reasons affecting borrowers’ repayment behaviour and sought by investors.

The new Auto-Invest plan offers five options for customisation which are as below:

  1. Gender
    The investor can select their specific borrower’s gender preference.

  1. Stay-Type
    The investor gets to choose to invest as per borrowers’ stay-type. We have provided 3 options for this category whether it’s family or self-owned, rented or others.

  1. Age Group
    The investor gets to select the particular borrowers’ age group from the 5 mentioned choices which range from less than 25 to greater than 45 years of age.

  1. Salary Range
    The investor can choose the borrowers’ salary range from 5 provided ranges, such as less than 15k to greater than 50k.

  1. Credit Score
    The investor can also select the credit rating score from ‘no history’ to greater than 700.

Auto-Invest provides several benefits enabling smooth and effortless engagement while operating the investments.

  1. Maximum Diversification
    Auto-Invest helps distribute investors’ money across loans at several interest rates assisting the investor to build a diversified portfolio in an efficient manner. Moreover, it enables small investments across many loans.
  1. More Economical
    Assists in time-saving and effortless activities as they need not go through hundreds of profiles listed on the platform to find loans that meet their investment criteria. Besides, it does not require manual log-in and browsing for search borrowers.
  1. Flexibility
    The investors can modify the categories whenever required as per their investment criteria. Note: If you regularly make changes through customisation then it will affect the capital deployment.

Many of our investors have built great portfolios benefitting from this feature in the past. Many of these portfolios have more than 10,000+ loans invested through the Auto-Invest feature which assisted them to maximise their returns. Automation and Artificial Intelligence is the key to the future. The same is applicable in P2P Lending as well. You can create an excellent income with a rightly strategized portfolio. We are to providing you with all of that at LenDenClub.

This feature is currently available on the web and android app. It will soon be available on iOS as well. In case of any query drop us an email at

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