Looking to build a well-balanced investment portfolio? Read this!

Oct 4, 2017

Have some idle finance? Looking to park it somewhere? Spoke to everyone you think knows about investments and got a thousand different answers? That confused you even more?

You’ve come to the right place then! Let us take your through various investment assets.

Before we start, a Quick Investment Tip: Never invest your savings. Invest whatever is left after you’ve allocated your funds to savings!

Stock Market Equity:

Did you read about the recent fluctuations in the stock market? Just when everyone though that the stock market is at an all-time high, all the major stock options took a dip! This just shows how volatile this asset can be. You should only consider this option if you have any form of prior experience when it comes to trading and analyzing the market trends. For newbies it might not be the right pick!

Mutual Funds:

‘Mutual funds sahi hai’ but only if you look at it with a long term perspective. Mutual funds bring in a key ingredient of ‘diversification’ into the mix. It will give you decent returns only after say 10-15 years. This also means that you have to keep on investing some amount either annually or monthly and forget about it for the next 105-20 15 years!

So what should an investor like yourself do? One asset is extremely risky and the other one takes forever to earn you money!

If you’re someone who is looking for a balanced portfolio which will give you good returns and prove to be worth the time and effort you have put, you should be adding a little bit of Peer-To-Peer goodness in your life!

What is Peer-To-Peer Lending you ask?

Peer-To-Peer or P2P Lending is an alternative investment asset class where you as an investor lender lend money to pre-verified creditworthy borrowers looking for a loan through a P2P lending platform. P2P platforms can get you amazing returns unlike bank fixed deposits. Even bank earns a huge amount from their borrowers but majority of which goes towards their overheads. So, the ultimate investor, who gives money to bank, hardly get any interest on their FD. Ideally, P2P Platforms also works on the same concept. because banks have a lot of overheads. They have to pay for their staff, their swanky offices, ATM machines etc. But P2P platforms don’t incur any such overheads because they leverage technology to cut down costs which means you get a higher return on your investment and the borrower pays less interest as compared to banks. So it is a win – win! This was just a gist of it, to know more click here

If you have P2P along with the aforementioned investment assets in your portfolio, you have truly built a diversified financial future. If you haven’t, it is fine, it is never too late!

Start investing with LenDenClub, India’s best Peer-To-Peer lending platform.

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