Diwali Dhamaka for Investors with Better Returns

Nov 17, 2020

Diwali! a festival of lights, a mood of joy to illuminate homes, a tradition for the family feats where gifts are shared and worship ceremonies are conducted for prosperity and wealth. Diwali symbolizes the spiritual “victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance”. Similarly, the investors are gaining and prospering in these times and will achieve great during this festive season.

Gone are those days, when portfolio returns were affected due to the pandemic. Also, the circumstances that affected your decision power of whether or not to invest. Considering, the market conditions were not in favour to make a favourable decision. But those who dare to invest in spite of the situations are surely enjoying the better returns and looking forward to achieving more of it.

Peer-to-peer lending is an interesting asset class investment to build a diversified portfolio. The platform uses cutting-edge technology to connect borrowers searching for a quick capital injection to investors intent to earn high returns. P2P platforms are absolutely safe to invest, On 4 October 2017, RBI published guidelines to regulate P2P lending platforms so as to protect the interest of investors and borrowers. Say bye to your worries and do not hesitate to invest your hard-earned money. Your money is safe with LenDenClub!

Achieving Double-Digit returns

It’s not rocket-science to achieve double-digit returns. P2P platforms sustain high returns on investment. LenDenClub has delivered consistent returns of 10 to 12% p.a.* since 2017. The returns can be compounded further. Isn’t that better returns than any other investment option available in the market? The investor can build a better portfolio and keep having consistent returns for a longer period of time by –

  1. Diversification
    Spread your investment across a large number of borrower profiles from a different location, gender, occupation etc. Higher the diversity in your portfolio, the higher the spread of risk. Auto-Investment feature of LenDenClub allocates the lenders’ investment across loans. This helps the lenders to build a diversified portfolio faster and more efficiently.
  2. Reinvest
    EMIs, when reinvested, you earn further returns. It adds to the returns already made through the original investment. Hence, you get a compounding effect. Data shows that reinvesting can lead to higher net annualized returns.
  3. Investment horizon
    You have to set an investment horizon of at least 12/24 months and continue reinvestment till then. By not reinvesting your repayments, you will bring down your own returns.

If you stop investing or doing it for the very first time, suggest that you start your investment this Diwali festive season with LenDenClub, the leading peer-to-peer platform to achieve double-digit* returns on your invested amount.

May this Diwali bring wealth, wisdom and prosperity for you and your family!

LenDenClub, Wishes all a very Happy Diwali!

*On platform level.

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