Best Short-Term Investment Opportunities

Aug 10, 2022

Best Short-Term Investment Opportunities

If you are looking for an opportunity to invest money in the near future, you’re looking for a secure location to store your money and add to it before you need to access it. Unfortunately, as the COVID-19 crisis persisted, many investors held money with them due to erratic markets and a weak economy. The situation is still unpredictable as a result of the economy’s current volatility and rising inflation.

Smart short-term investments improve your liquidity but at the expense of long-term investments’ higher returns. It will also guarantee that you have cash in hand when you need it. Safety should be the main factor investors consider while making a short-term investment.

What is a Short Term Investment?

Short-term and long-term investments are both viable possibilities in India. Short-term investments can be established for tenures as short as one or two years. It can be used to fund the buying of jewelry, a laptop, or anything else you need immediately.

You can earn quick profits with one of the many profitable one-year investment programs available. Long-term investments are those you make if you plan to keep them for five or more years. Additionally, it indicates that you won’t need that money right away. Reinvesting your short-term investment profits is another option you may want to consider as it can benefit your future.

How do Short-Term Investments Work?

The balance sheets of businesses with high cash flows include accounts for short-term investments.

Businesses with strong cash positions can afford to invest excess funds in bonds and equities to earn higher returns. But, for individuals and businesses, capital protection while generating solid returns on investment is the primary goal of short-term investment plans.

Best Short-Term Investment Opportunities

Recurring Deposits (RD)

The most popular short-term investment choice is a recurring deposit (RD). Many people save their money for their future requirements with banks in the form of recurring deposits. This facility is available in all banks. You can earn a fixed rate of interest on the amount invested until maturity. Logging into your net banking account will allow you to start an RD. Please select the monthly savings amount and the term, and you’re good to go!

Short Term Fixed Deposits (FD)

Another well-liked method of short-term investments to accumulate funds that banks offer is a short-term fixed deposit (FD). A fixed rate of return is applied to the sum for a set period. A short-term FD’s tenure can range from 7 days to 12 months. Investors can withdraw their amount prematurely. But, doing so draws a penalty. Also, investors can obtain a loan with their FD account as collateral to meet their liquidity needs. 

Corporate Deposits (CD)

The main distinction of these investment instruments is that corporations gather these deposits for their growth and operations. It is similar to what banks do with fixed deposits. As a result, the risk of default is higher. Hence, the interest rates for these instruments are a little higher than those of bank FDs. But, these corporate FDs suit investors with higher risk tolerance.

Debt Mutual Funds

The short-duration debt mutual funds invest in debt instruments that have a maturity tenure of up to 3 years as mandated by SEBI. Such short-term mutual funds are ideal to tide over the un ty in interest rates and benefit from their modest returns. This is an attractive short-term investment opportunity for those who want better short-term returns while undertaking average risk.

Stock Market Trading

Stock market trading is a popular short-term investment for high-risk investors. You can do your own study and perform technical analysis on stocks to trade. If you can find appropriate stocks, you can invest in them for a few months to earn good returns. But, if you gamble on the wrong equities, you run a very high risk of losing all your money. So beware, stock trading in the short-term carries a higher probability of you losing your money if you don’t do your analysis correctly.

Savings Account

One of the most common short-term investment opportunities in India is the savings account. You can keep your extra money in this deposit account with a bank or any other financial institution and earn interest. Furthermore, users can withdraw their deposited money whenever they wish, ensuring higher liquidity. 

P2P Lending

India’s P2P lending market is to increase in valuation at a CAGR of 21% to reach $10.5 billion in 2026. According to a report by LenDenClub, the number of women investors in P2P lending increased by 430% in FY2022 annually. 

Investors seeking higher returns than they can earn from traditional assets make up the market for peer-to-peer lending. P2P lending platforms use technology to simplify the investment process for money lenders. These platforms offer high returns. LenDenClub offers annual returns up to 10-12% p.a*. 

Of course, all investments carry a degree of risk. But, by using data science and AI to create and manage portfolios, lending platforms minimize this risk. Delivering high and consistent returns is the aim here to ensure that investors’ money works for them 24 x 7.


The most effective way to reach your short-term financial objectives is through the practice of investing. You may guarantee your financial independence and manage unforeseen expenses with short-term investments. Additionally, it gives you the freedom to withdraw money when needed without having to wait for a long period.

Furthermore, short-term investment plans ensure liquidity. In India, there are many short-term investment plans available. You can select one of them based on your future goals.

The list provided above ought to have provided you with a general idea of many short-term investment possibilities in India in 2022.

However, with LenDenClub, you can invest for both short-term and long-term lending opportunities. Our FMPP product allows you to invest for a time-frame from 1-5 years. If you’re looking at different goals with varied time-frames, we’ve got your base covered as you can create multiple FMPPs with different maturity timelines as per your requirement!

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